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Publisher: Hasbro
Series: None
Made in: China
Release year: 1997
Screen type: LCD
Number of screens: 1
Number of screen layers: 1
Battery type: 3 x AA
Shape: rectangular
Number of players: multiplayer
Case colors:
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Details Odhinn

Comments 2014-06-11 21:59:49.0
This is one of the most functional LCD games I've seen, with so many controls it can mirror the exact game play of the Monopoly board game (although only 4 player tokens are available). However, it is extremely slow to play.

If you want to trade a property with another player you must hit "forward" or back" and navigate through every square on the board to find his property, and then do it again to find your property, and go through a multi-layered menu which requires about 4 different confirmations before you can submit the request. If you get denied and want to try another trade you're looking at another 1-2 minutes to formulate a request so I generally just give up after that.

This game has a voice chip with quite a selection of phrases to speak. Because there aren't enough LCD characters to spell out the text of every Chance and Community Chest card, the text of every card is spoken. There is no way to skip it so it can get tedious waiting for it to finish talking before you get another turn.

Also the only way to see which properties are owned and by whom is to navigate through the menu and select that option. Or to view which properties are mortgaged, or which have houses and hotels on them. Nothing comes easily in this game.

If you can deal with that, it's kind of cool because it is the complete Monopoly board game. In fact the instruction book simply tells you to look up the instructions for the board game.
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