# Thumbnail Publisher Name Note
1 Epoch: Watermelon Panic , Epoch Watermelon Panic All the other games in this series are VERY weird which is one called demon that you can only see on patoe.fr
2 Gakken: Fishing - Peche au requin , Gakken Fishing - Peche au requin
3 Gen Art: Circus - Zircus , Gen Art Circus - Zircus
4 Gen Art: Fishing , Gen Art Fishing I want it because it looks very creative and good. Does anyone have it for around 50 to 100$? I would love it if someone saw this note and sold it for 50 to 100$ on eBay. I’m on a budget now and that’s how much have because I sold one of mine called manhol for 110$ on eBay and someone bought it and I got 75$
5 Gen Art: Frosch , Gen Art Frosch
6 LM: Torjäger , LM Torjäger
7 LSI: Akazukin , LSI Akazukin
8 LSI: My Pierrot , LSI My Pierrot When I go to McDonald’s I will give Ronald McDonald this lcd game.
9 Unknown: Frog , Unknown Frog All i like is the frog. 15$ loose.
10 Wizen: Soldier , Wizen Soldier
11 Wizen: Whale , Wizen Whale i have no idea what you play as. and it’s a very interesting game.