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Do you have any handheld game that you don't want to keep? We are ready to accept be it a super rare handheld from the 80s' or just received in a fast food restaurant. Contact us for details.
Wanted games of Q&Q
# Thumbnail Member Model Name Note
1 Q&Q: Camerot , CG4 005 kisember CG4 005 Camerot
2 Q&Q: Cat & Mouse - Le chat et les Souris , kisember Cat & Mouse - Le chat et les Souris
3 Q&Q: Caveman - Home des Cavernes , kisember Caveman - Home des Cavernes
4 Q&Q: Caveman - Home des Cavernes , AEmch Caveman - Home des Cavernes
5 Q&Q: Circus Circus - Cirque Cirque , CG4 004 kisember CG4 004 Circus Circus - Cirque Cirque
6 Q&Q: Dracula , CG-002 Skfir CG-002 Dracula Please guyz! I had this game when I was I child and it got broken. I still remember it - at that time I was in the USSR and of course getting a game like that was nearly impossible. So the loss was such a catastrophe that I still remember it. Please, if anybody has this game for sell, I will buy with eagerness. Just want to bring some part of childhood back and perhaps recover something, which was broken many years ago. So just if anybody is willing to sell, please let me know!
7 Q&Q: Dracula , CG-002 AEmch CG-002 Dracula
8 Q&Q: Holiday Burger , CG5-002 VeroDH CG5-002 Holiday Burger I`m looking for this Q&Q game, and if you got one still working i will pay for it.
Please write to my personal email
9 Q&Q: Holiday Burger , CG5-002 Sakiof CG5-002 Holiday Burger I want this handheld game, I'm from Chile, I live in the Temuco city. Contact:
10   kisember Island
11 Q&Q: King Kong , CG-002 kisember CG-002 King Kong
12 Q&Q: King Kong , CG-002 Bette CG-002 King Kong Hello I'm looking for this game also, do you have some tips for me ? Do you have this in the mean time ?
Thanks !
13 Q&Q: King Kong , CG-002 AEmch CG-002 King Kong
14 Q&Q: Patrol Car , GC No. 1 AEmch GC No. 1 Patrol Car
15 Q&Q: Penguin , CG5-001 AEmch CG5-001 Penguin
16 Q&Q: Submarine , kisember Submarine
17 Q&Q: Submarine , Hijput Submarine
18 Q&Q: Tarzan , kisember Tarzan
19 Q&Q: Tarzan , AEmch Tarzan
20 Q&Q: Time Warp , CG4 003 kisember CG4 003 Time Warp
21 Q&Q: Time Warp , CG4 003 fabbry2274 CG4 003 Time Warp
22 Q&Q: Time Warp , CG4 003 Rauros CG4 003 Time Warp
23 Q&Q: Time Warp , CG4 003 AEmch CG4 003 Time Warp
24 Q&Q: Treasure Island , CG4-002 kisember CG4-002 Treasure Island
25 Q&Q: UFO , kisember UFO
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