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Do you have any handheld game that you don't want to keep? We are ready to accept be it a super rare handheld from the 80s' or just received in a fast food restaurant. Contact us for details.
Wanted games of Casio
# Thumbnail Member Model Name Note
1 Casio: Astro Chicken , CG-130 Smizz94 CG-130 Astro Chicken
2 Casio: Astro Chicken , CG-130 zsola CG-130 Astro Chicken Kivi lennék, ki tudnám e pörgetni újra! Sokáig nyúztam anno. Szép állapotú jöhet, ha van.
3 Casio: Auto Race - Le Bol D'or Moto , CG-105 Smizz94 CG-105 Auto Race - Le Bol D'or Moto
4 Casio: Battlefield , CG-440 kisember CG-440 Battlefield
5 Casio: Beam War, The , CG-400 etnotech CG-400 Beam War, The
6 Casio: Beam War, The , CG-400 10156395837271340 CG-400 Beam War, The
7 Casio: Bird Family , CG-93 kiril CG-93 Bird Family online is érdekelne
8 Casio: Bird Family , CG-93 Pops Ghostly CG-93 Bird Family Hello. I am a brand-new collector of handhelds. I would love to begin/grow my collection with this game.

If you are interested in selling this game (or others) - the cheaper the better - please feel free to send me an email at
9 Casio: Block Burster , CG-200 kisember CG-200 Block Burster
10 Casio: Block Burster , CG-200 electro85 CG-200 Block Burster keresem jó állapotban
11 Casio: Border Army , CG-390 Sakiof CG-390 Border Army
12 Casio: Castle Adventure , CG-131 Alls_Wills CG-131 Castle Adventure
13 Casio: Cave Adventure , CG-124A ekrator CG-124A Cave Adventure Game from my childhood
14 Casio: Cave Adventure , CG-124A Madmax2020 CG-124A Cave Adventure I want it... somebody sell it??
15 Casio: Cave Adventure , CG-124A nikokris CG-124A Cave Adventure
16 Casio: Chicken Adventure , CG-150 thiefthick CG-150 Chicken Adventure
17 Casio: Circus Jumbo , CG-41 csabicsen CG-41 Circus Jumbo
18 Casio: Colorinvader , CG-220 pozs CG-220 Colorinvader My favourite game...ever! :)
19 Casio: Colorinvader , CG-220 csabicsen CG-220 Colorinvader
20 Casio: Colorinvader , CG-220 zsola CG-220 Colorinvader Ez kéne nagyon...
21 Casio: Cosmo Fighter , CG-110 AEmch CG-110 Cosmo Fighter
22 Casio: Cosmo Thunder , CG-81 voicegab CG-81 Cosmo Thunder
23 Casio: Crazy Bee , CG-85 cuthere CG-85 Crazy Bee
24 Casio: Crazy Bee , CG-85 boekenwurmpje CG-85 Crazy Bee
25 Casio: Crazy Bee , CG-85 noresnau CG-85 Crazy Bee I would love to find this game because it was very special for my girlfriend during her childhood.
26 Casio: Crocodile Panic , CG-129 Pops Ghostly CG-129 Crocodile Panic If you are interested in selling this game (or others) - the cheaper the better - please feel free to send me an email at
27 Casio: Cross Fighter , CG-87 birkin CG-87 Cross Fighter
28 Casio: Cross Fighter , CG-87 Jake9 CG-87 Cross Fighter If anyone has it in good condition, please let me know
29 Casio: Dandy Cowboy , CG-51 cuthere CG-51 Dandy Cowboy
30 Casio: Dandy Cowboy , CG-51 kobushi123 CG-51 Dandy Cowboy
31 Casio: Dandy Cowboy , CG-51 xyc CG-51 Dandy Cowboy
32 Casio: Dandy Cowboy , CG-51 djfree CG-51 Dandy Cowboy
33 Casio: Deep Jungle , CG-42 csabicsen CG-42 Deep Jungle
34 Casio: Dragon's Egg , CG-122A ekrator CG-122A Dragon's Egg Game from my childhood
35 Casio: Dragon's Egg , CG-122A Madmax2020 CG-122A Dragon's Egg I want it, i haved in my anybody sell it??
36 Casio: Exciting Hockey , CG-620 AEmch CG-620 Exciting Hockey
37 Casio: Exciting Motocross , csabicsen Exciting Motocross
38 Casio: FBI & Gang , CG-119A nikokris CG-119A FBI & Gang I really want this game
39 Casio: Fighting Rabbit , CG-94 ceresz CG-94 Fighting Rabbit szia meg van még a játék?
40 Casio: Fighting Rabbit , CG-94 Balu CG-94 Fighting Rabbit Szervusz!

Engem is érdekelne a játék! Mennyibe kerül, szeretném tudni!
41 Casio: Funny Circus , CG-90 winche$ter CG-90 Funny Circus Érdekelne gyerekkorom egyik nagy kedvence. :-)
42 Casio: Funny Circus , CG-90 Pops Ghostly CG-90 Funny Circus If you are interested in selling this game (or others) - the cheaper the better - please feel free to send me an email at
43 Casio: Funny Waiter , CG-118A 1051476462 CG-118A Funny Waiter
44 Casio: Funny Waiter , CG-118 Pops Ghostly CG-118 Funny Waiter If you are interested in selling this game (or others) - the cheaper the better - please feel free to send me an email at
45 Casio: Great Racer , CG-320 xyc CG-320 Great Racer
46 Casio: Great Racer , CG-320 kisember CG-320 Great Racer
47 Casio: Great Racer , CG-320 AEmch CG-320 Great Racer
48 Casio: Guerrilla Warfare , CG-410 azsword CG-410 Guerrilla Warfare Anyone has this used or new, I am interest for buy it
49 Casio: Guerrilla Warfare , CG-410 AEmch CG-410 Guerrilla Warfare
50 Casio: Heli-Battle , CG-370 lhz101 CG-370 Heli-Battle i'm interested in a purchase this handheld HELI-BATTLE - Casio CG-370 Vintage Handheld Game. My emai is
51 Casio: Heli-Battle , CG-370 zsola CG-370 Heli-Battle
52 Casio: Heli-Battle , CG-370 101love CG-370 Heli-Battle
53 Casio: Hop Monster , CG-80 boekenwurmpje CG-80 Hop Monster
54 Casio: Hop Monster , CG-80 smezuli CG-80 Hop Monster
55 Casio: Hop Monster , CG-80 pbalog CG-80 Hop Monster
56 Casio: Hungry Giraffe , CG-91 steve777 CG-91 Hungry Giraffe
57 Casio: Hungry Giraffe , CG-91 10157016531359511 CG-91 Hungry Giraffe
58 Casio: Jumping Frog , CG-127 mccanalla CG-127 Jumping Frog
59 Casio: Kung Fu , CG-310 diacritica CG-310 Kung Fu
60 Casio: Kung Fu , CG-310 kisember CG-310 Kung Fu
61 Casio: Kung Fu Fight , CG-310A kisember CG-310A Kung Fu Fight
62 Casio: Lovely Angel , CG-128 jedi_rada CG-128 Lovely Angel
63 Casio: Lovely Koala , CG-95 lajoya CG-95 Lovely Koala
64 Casio: Lovely Panda , CG-92 hisham CG-92 Lovely Panda I want to buy this Casio game CG-92, and would be happy to be contacted in this regard.
65 Casio: Lovely Panda , CG-92 ceresz CG-92 Lovely Panda szia meg van még a lovely panda?:) érdekelne:)
66 Casio: Lovely Panda , CG-92 CG-92 Lovely Panda Please if anyone has this game, I really loved it as a child and would be so happy to see it and play it again :)
67 Casio: Mad Fighter , CG-84 cuthere CG-84 Mad Fighter
68 Casio: Magical Crystal , CG-121A 100000421585665 CG-121A Magical Crystal
69 Casio: Marine Hunter , CG-50 MDSca CG-50 Marine Hunter
70 Casio: Marine Hunter , CG-50 zsola CG-50 Marine Hunter
71 Casio: Marine Hunter , CG-50 Sofialexis CG-50 Marine Hunter
72 Casio: Miracle Pinball , CG-210 Tibor_hu CG-210 Miracle Pinball Megvenném ezt a játékot! De azt is szívesen venném, ha megírnád ötleted, tipped, hol tudnám megvásárolni.
73 Casio: Miracle Pinball , CG-210 kisember CG-210 Miracle Pinball
74 Casio: Miracle Pinball , CG-210 RobertSeage CG-210 Miracle Pinball online casino Pin Up онлайн казино Пин Ап Официальный сайт
75 Casio: Missile Defender , CG-83 cuthere CG-83 Missile Defender
76 Casio: Mogland , CG-60 csabicsen CG-60 Mogland
77 Casio: Mogland , CG-60 AEmch CG-60 Mogland
78 Casio: Mole Hunter , CG-53 csabicsen CG-53 Mole Hunter
79 Casio: Mole Hunter , CG-53 cuthere CG-53 Mole Hunter
80 Casio: Mole Hunter , CG-53 xyc CG-53 Mole Hunter
81 Casio: Mole Hunter , CG-53 VZAL CG-53 Mole Hunter
82 Casio: Music Game Calculator , MG-880 user_uk MG-880 Music Game Calculator
83 Casio: Music Game Calculator , MG-880 lajoya MG-880 Music Game Calculator
84 Casio: Penguin Junior , CG-82 csabicsen CG-82 Penguin Junior
85 Casio: Puppy Garden , CG-52 csabicsen CG-52 Puppy Garden
86 Casio: Puppy Garden , CG-52 cuthere CG-52 Puppy Garden
87 Casio: Sea Bear , CG-40 csabicsen CG-40 Sea Bear
88 Casio: Shuttle Bomber , CG-70 AEmch CG-70 Shuttle Bomber
89 Casio: SL Bankman , CG-360 Dr Dee CG-360 SL Bankman Ez engem érdekelne persze jutányos áron és ha van hozzá doboz is!!!
90 Casio: SL Bankman , CG-360 donsanya CG-360 SL Bankman
91 Casio: SL Bankman , CG-360 MichaelIntew CG-360 SL Bankman Planning for your marriage ceremony? Before you can start have you thought about arranging for your engagement photos? Taking some great photos to invite your guest is substantial. It begins your surge as a twosome together for one’s entire life.
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92 Casio: SL Bankman , CG-360 MichaelGrapy CG-360 SL Bankman My children and I are thrilled that we were looking for this place for great information, and is toally the sorts of info my friend and I are constantly searching for one our time off. Such first hand experience on the website is beneficial and - enlightening and will be a resource for my dog and I during the nights. Seems like all of the members on here has/have a moon full of of incredible of noumena concerning the things I am interested in and other pages and info really shows it. I am not regularly on the web during the night though when we get a chance I am always hoping for this sort of knowledge and stuff similarly having to do with it. I have a few of my family members that have also developed a hobby about this due to all that I've discovered about it and they're definitely going to be visiting the forum since it's an incredible find. I'm also learning more about in pandemics and cope with the new new changes in fake news as well as looking for popular resources partners and services to assist making residual income. <a href=><font color=#000_url>buy our with cash inherited house fast around atlanta ga and Morrow 30260</font></a>
93 Casio: Soccer , SG-11 amonar SG-11 Soccer I am searching CASIO SG-11 Soccer to buy... If anybody has it, please contact me... Thank you
94 Casio: Space Attacker , CG-350 azhepp CG-350 Space Attacker
95 Casio: Space Attacker , CG-350 kisember CG-350 Space Attacker
96 Casio: Space Attacker , CG-350 Sakiof CG-350 Space Attacker
97 Casio: Space Attacker , CG-350 AEmch CG-350 Space Attacker
98 Casio: Squirrel & Racoon , CG-114 tymime CG-114 Squirrel & Racoon
99 Casio: Star Invader , CG-600 AEmch CG-600 Star Invader
100 Casio: Submarine Battle , CG-330 xyc CG-330 Submarine Battle
101 Casio: Submarine Battle , CG-330 zsola CG-330 Submarine Battle
102 Casio: Super Space Battle , CG-820L kisember CG-820L Super Space Battle
103 Casio: Super Space Battle , CG-820L AEmch CG-820L Super Space Battle
104 Casio: Trap Shooting , CG-340 kisember CG-340 Trap Shooting
105 Casio: Trap Shooting , CG-340 AEmch CG-340 Trap Shooting
106 Casio: Turbo Drive - La Poursuite , MG-200 andrew-clifford MG-200 Turbo Drive - La Poursuite After a version of this driving game, particularly interested in the German version - Autobahn by Elite
107 Casio: Turbo Drive - La Poursuite , MG-200 AEmch MG-200 Turbo Drive - La Poursuite
108 Casio: Watercoaster - Lunapark , CG-61 csikin79 CG-61 Watercoaster - Lunapark
109 Casio: Watercoaster - Lunapark , CG-61 AEmch CG-61 Watercoaster - Lunapark
110 Casio: Western Bar , CG-300 sennafan78 CG-300 Western Bar
111 Casio: Western Bar , CG-300 sennafan78 CG-300 Western Bar
112 Casio: Western Bar , CG-300 Rodenir CG-300 Western Bar
113 Casio: Western Bar , CG-300 tupacamaru CG-300 Western Bar
114 Casio: Western Bar , CG-300 lajoya CG-300 Western Bar
115 Casio: Western Bar , CG-300 Sylaard CG-300 Western Bar
116 Casio: Western Bar , CG-300 epmpirami CG-300 Western Bar
117 Casio: Western Sheriff , CG-420 Andreja CG-420 Western Sheriff Budapestiektől vennék egy ilyet:)))
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