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You may donate this service with money that we spent to keep the service running, or advance to a better server.

Do you have any handheld game that you don't want to keep? We are ready to accept be it a super rare handheld from the 80s' or just received in a fast food restaurant. Contact us for details.
Wanted games of V-Tech
# Thumbnail Member Model Name Note
1 V-Tech: Backgammon Master , Allanw Backgammon Master
2 V-Tech: Backgammon Master , kisember Backgammon Master
3 V-Tech: Bomb Fight , ocelete Bomb Fight
4 V-Tech: Bomb Fight , ocelete Bomb Fight
5 V-Tech: Bomb Fight , kisember Bomb Fight
6 V-Tech: Checkers Master , VG-102 gamepinupcasino VG-102 Checkers Master Пин Ап Казино или же <a href=>Pin Up</a> Casino эти игровые автоматы не обещают каждому игроку миллионы долларов, они лишь выполняют свои обязанности и четко выплачивают выигрыши!
7 V-Tech: Chess Master , kisember Chess Master
8 V-Tech: Cops Chase , csabicsen Cops Chase
9 V-Tech: Cops Chase , kisember Cops Chase
10 V-Tech: Cops Chase , AEmch Cops Chase
11 V-Tech: Deep Diver , steve777 Deep Diver
12 V-Tech: Deep Diver , Dester Deep Diver
13 V-Tech: Deputy Den , kokeween Deputy Den I would like to buy one working game.
14 V-Tech: Deputy Den , Mairtin Deputy Den
15 V-Tech: Dragon Castle , 91-0126-00 steve777 91-0126-00 Dragon Castle
16 V-Tech: Escape , AEmch Escape
17 V-Tech: Home Sweet Home , tymime Home Sweet Home
18 V-Tech: Mars Raid , AEmch Mars Raid
19 V-Tech: Monkey , Mapetyo Monkey
20 V-Tech: Sleep Walker , AEmch Sleep Walker
21 V-Tech: Super Soccer , kisember Super Soccer
22   lanceisastud 32-0939-03 Swifter willing to pay for a working game.
23 V-Tech: Variety Burglar Alarm , 80-0571 kisember 80-0571 Variety Burglar Alarm
24   kisember 80-5075 Variety Man Eater
25 V-Tech: Variety Super Soccer , 80-5070 kisember 80-5070 Variety Super Soccer
26 V-Tech: Variety UFO Factory , 80-5073 static 80-5073 Variety UFO Factory pls advise if it is available for sale
27 V-Tech: Water Polo , csabicsen Water Polo
28 V-Tech: Water Polo , AEmch Water Polo
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